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Empowering Tanzanian Youth: Highlights from the Young and Alive Summit 2023

The Young and Alive Summit 2023 was a transformative event aimed at empowering Tanzanian youth in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). With over 975 youth engaged at the sub-national level and 200 participants at the national summit in Dodoma, the event served as a pivotal platform for dialogue, capacity building, innovation, and creative expression.

Key achievements from the summit include the consensus on advocacy strategies, the enhancement of SRHR knowledge, and the promotion of health information through digital platforms. Furthermore, strategic partnerships were forged to bolster future SRHR interventions, highlighting the importance of creativity in advocacy efforts.

Plans for an annual summit and the establishment of a YAI network for ongoing collaboration and advocacy were also outlined, underscoring the commitment to sustaining momentum in youth empowerment and SRHR advocacy.

The Summit, held in partnership with the Tanzanian Government and global stakeholders, attracted over 1,000 young leaders from across Tanzania. It provided a platform for young advocates to unite, offering partnership opportunities and support for their initiatives aimed at improving SRHR outcomes.

Covering a range of topics such as high-impact interventions, AYSRHR program development, digital health solutions, and supportive legal/policy environments, the Summit addressed critical issues facing Tanzanian youth.

Regional dialogues conducted prior to the national summit engaged more than 976 youth across six regions, further amplifying the impact of the event.

To delve deeper into the insights and outcomes of the Young and Alive Summit 2023, download the full report below and join us in our mission to empower Tanzanian youth and advance SRHR advocacy.

Young & Alive Summit 2023 Report
Download PDF • 19.88MB

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