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Highlights YAI Quarter 1 Activities through Newsletter.



Young & Alive Initiative met with the European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual & Reproductive Rights ( EPF_SRR) delegates as part of their study tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar for a unique first-hand experience of how Tanzanians deals with Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). Together we visited our Mbagala community of young girls who had gotten pregnant while still at school thus they stopped attending school.

The delegation comprised of seven Members of Parliament, Hon. Petra Bayr (MP, Austria), Hon. Henrike Brandstötter (MP, Austria), Hon. Silvia Modig (MEP, Finland), Hon. Heather Wheeler (MP, United Kingdom), Hon. Merja Kyllönen (MP, Finland), Hon. Annie Hoey (MP, Ireland), and Baroness Nosheena Mobarik (MP, United Kingdom).

Young & Alive Initiative conducted a self - funded cervical cancer screening for this year's Cancer Awareness Month Campaign, where we had about thirty women here in Dar Es Salaam at Marie Stopes Mwenge Hospital.

Young & Alive Initiative conducted its Ubongo na Fleva program school outreach feedback session in Mbeya with school teachers in Iyoto, Sinde, Isyesye & Vocational Education Officer Mr. Yahya Nyambi was in attendance, discussing the development and impact of a Comprehensive Sexuality Education program as well as outlining specific suggestions and a way forward.

Our Program Cordinator Mr. Salum Msuya facilitates this activity of the Ubongo na Fleva program in Mbeya under the partneship with IREX where we initiate conversation with the youths in an entertaining way through music.

Young & Alive Initiative conducted their monthly Radio Talk in Mtwara where health service providers take the time to educate the public on Sexual Reproductive Health and contraceptive use.


It has been six years since Young & Alive Initiative was officially registered. To celebrate our 6th year anniversary, on 24th February, the staffs at Young & Alive Initiative visited Kijitonyama Kisiwani Primary School to celebrate this years 6th anniversay and contributed cleaning supplies that the school was in need of.

We also had the chance to talk with the young girls and boys age 12 to 14 about body cleanliness, changes of puberty, and dealing with their fellow students with living with disability.

Dr. Innocent Grant met with UK parliamentarians following their visit to Tanzania with the European Parliamentarian Forum. During his visit to the UK Parliament , Innocent and the MP's shared some global best lessons and practices in improving Sexual Reproductive Health Rights for adolescents and young people.

Fatmah attended UMATI Digital Advocacy Workshop

Ms. Fatmah Suleyman participated in a Digital Advocacy Capacity Strengthening Workshop conducted by UMATI - Chama cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania, for Civil Society Organizations which helps participants prepare effective campaigns by clarifying their values and transforming their attitudes towards digital advocacy.

Values clarification is an important step in any advocacy campaign, as it helps organizations identify their core beliefs and the principles that guide their work. This can help them stay focused and aligned with their mission as they develop their strategies and tactics.

Attitude transformation is also key to effective digital advocacy, as it helps organizations overcome any fears or doubts they may have about using digital tools to advance their cause. By helping participants become more comfortable and confident in their use of digital platforms, the workshop likely enabled them to be more effective in their advocacy efforts.


The President of IREX Ms Kristin Lord visited our office in Dar Es Salaam where we had discussions centered onthe projects at Young & Alive Initiative that we partner with IREX, but also on other collaborations in other youth development partnerships between the two organizations in empowering youths and extending access to quality education on Sexual Reproductive Health.

Young & Alive Initiative participated on a Civil Society Dialogue on Sexual Reproductive Health with the WHO Director General conducted by ibpnetwork_WHO Implementation of Best Practices & IPPF - International Planned Parenthood Federation.

We had Dr. Innocent highlight the importance of comprehensive pleasure based education approach for the 35% of the youths worldwide which works better for their sexual health. We are looking forward for the new WHO guidelines.

Dr. Sesilia Shirima participated in the celebration of achievement as Alumni of Think Crea in Nairobi, Kenya for feminists youth-led organisation where there is a need for more capacity building to maintain the politics, ideologies and performance in our thematic including gender and Sexual Reproductive Health.

To commemorate the International Women’s Day, Young and Alive were invited by the Commonwealth of learning in a workshop to discuss strategies for bringing back to school teen mothers in Tanzania.

Great workshop was attended by the Program's Department represented by Dr. Innocent & Ms. Clara, and other partners including Natalia Foundation, Msichana Initiative. The event was facilitated by YAPO - Youth Alliance for Progress Organization. #NiZamuYaWabunge #SheriaYaNdoa

The leadership of the Young & Alive Initiative joined other activists in condemning the declaration to prevent the voluntary use of contraceptive methods for teenage girls made by Nachingwea's District Commissioner Mohamed Moyo at Litula Village.

Dr. Lilian, Dr. Innocent and other medical student from Mtwara COTC health club visited students in schools where they had a talk with them on their sexual and reproductive health and educating them in taking care of their bodies during puberty where there are many changes in their bodies and hormornes.

Student from Mikindani and Umoja Secondary School expressed their questions freely and enjoyed the outreach session.

Young & Alive Initiative participated in a 2 day workshop conducted by VSO Tanzania on Global Volunteering Standards.

Our Project Officer Ms. Clara and MERL Officer Mr. Elibarick shared their experiences, practices and methodologies during the workshop which is designed to provide practical support and knowledge sharing among local and international NGOs in Tanzania.

Young & Alive Initiative and other organizations have been campaigning against the age limit of girl marriage which is below 18 as compared to their male counterpart, this has been seen as a obstacle against a girl child from achieving their dream. At 13 or 14 years of age when most girls experience puberty, has been seen as them being ready for marriage.

The fact that they are deemed as marriageable at age 13 is unacceptable since they aren't fully developed physically which will increase mortality rate during child birth. #NiZamuYaWabunge #SheriaYaNdoa.

Dr. Sesilia represented Young & Alive Initiative on a 3 day workshop and mentoring program conducted by Care Tanzania Dodoma with other heads of Women Rights and women-led organizations which aimed at providing an opportunity of coaching, mentorship, economic empowerment and resilience of women leaders.

This year, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) held its 67th session from 5th to 17th March. CSW is the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. During the session, representatives of UN Member States, civil society organizations, and UN entities gathered at UN headquarters in New York to discuss gender equality and the empowerment of women.The outcomes and recommendations of each session are forwarded to ECOSOC for follow-up. This year, the CSW 67 session was held from 5th to 17th March 2023 with the theme "Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls"

FEMNET, the convener of the African women caucus during CSW, invited some of its members to be part of the influence in different convenings during CSW New York, including the side events and in-person meetings. YAI was part of the young feminist and youth influence represented by Dr. Sesilia to discuss different issues affecting women and girls in Africa. The youth convening included dialogues, advocacy, youth forums, and youth briefings.


You can download our newsletter in pdf and download it below.

Download Quarter 1 Newsletter 2023
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