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2024 Q1 UPDATES.

Dive in! We're recapping what you have missed this 1st quarter from us.

Phew, 2024 is off to wonderful start!

We celebrated our 7th year anniversary last February. We took that time to celebrate with all our young and growing community by throwing a virtual party which was joined by local and global friends. Watch the 7th year anniversary video here

We did a recap of last year's #YoungAndAliveSummit2023 which had over 975 engaged youth at the sub-national level and 200 participants at the national summit in Dodoma, the event served as a pivotal platform for policy dialogues, capacity strengthening, innovation, and creative expression. Dynamic discussions led to consensus on advocacy strategies, deepening SRHR knowledge, and leveraging digital platforms for disseminating health information.

The summit also fostered strategic partnerships and laid the foundation for an annual summit and the establishment of a YAI network, emphasizing the significance of creative mediums in advocacy efforts.

Key impacts include:

  • Advancements in policy dialogue, capacity strengthening, innovation, and creative expression,

  • Tangible outcomes such as the birth of the YAI Network and advancements in service delivery. We're inspired by the transformative power of collective action and look forward to building upon this momentum in our continued pursuit of youth empowerment and SRHR advocacy. Watch the Young & Alive Summit 2023 video highlights here

Launching of the YAI NETWORK

Innocent Grant, Programs Director, officially inaugurated the launch, empowering members to take charge of planning the upcoming YAI Summit 2024. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey of collaboration, innovation, and impact.

Key discussions during the webinar focused on the operational modalities of the network, with several insightful ideas put forth:

  • Membership Structure: It was suggested to implement a membership fee and annual dues to sustain activities and growth.

  • Communication Channels: Proposal includes setting up WhatsApp groups, channels, and social media platforms for seamless interaction.

  • Strategic Planning: Consensus on developing a comprehensive strategic plan outlining activities and events.

  • Youth-Led Governance: Proposing governance by elected youth leaders, with oversight from YAI Management to ensure alignment with the organization's vision.



We participated in the Technical Working Group of Family Planning under the Ministry of Health which brought together all partners working in the area of family planning to collaborate and strategize for the future. We’re thrilled to continue our participation in initiatives aimed at improving access to family planning services and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their reproductive health.and share insights about the @youngandalivesummit 2023 and the 2024 roadmap.

YOUTH ENGAGEMENT FOR TDV 2050 We recently joined a youth-led consultation organized by UNA Tanzania in Dodoma. To contribute to a youth paper that will shape the Tanzania Development Vision (TDV) 2050, driven by youth voices, will be presented to the Ministry of Planning and Investment's Planning Commission. Together, we're shaping the future of Tanzania.

During the youth-led consultation organized by UNA Tanzania in Dodoma, discussions covered a wide range of themes including good governance & rule of law, education, climate justice, health, media, technology & innovation, gender, equity & inclusion, economic empowerment, peace, stability & unity.


The US Embassy, in collaboration with the Young & Alive Initiative, recently organized a thought-provoking event on FGM documentary screening and panel discussion. Held in commemoration of the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, the event aimed to raise awareness among key stakeholders and reflect on the progress in eliminating female genital mutilation beyond Tanzania.

The event took place on 06 February 2024, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, at the American Corner, National Museum, Posta, Dar es Salaam. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions and gain valuable insights from the panelists.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in this important event, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on ending FGM.


TGNP and CWHRD, alongside other organizations, separately commemorated International Women's Day with insightful discussions and empowering gatherings. From highlighting the status of women's representation in political leadership to celebrating the resilience of women human rights defenders, the events emphasized the importance of investing in women and accelerating progress towards gender equality.

As we move forward, let's continue to support and empower women in leadership roles and defend their rights. #InternationalWomensDay #GenderEquality #WomenInLeadership #WomenDefenders #HumanRights

On March 1st, 2024, we joined forces with Engender, PathFinder, & GBV Desk Report Officers at Tandale Market to address pressing issues and promote gender equality. Discussing entrepreneurship, parenting, and the exploitation of underage girls.

An we emphasis on the need for inclusive support systems to combat gender-based violence and economic exploitation.

Despite challenges, like bureaucratic loan processes and societal stigma, we achieved successes in raising awareness of family planning and GBV reporting. Moving forward, we're committed to simplifying loan processes, tackling stigma, and supporting people with disabilities for economic empowerment. Through community engagement, we're driving lasting change for women in Tandale and beyond.


In January, we observed Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to learning, prevention, and encouraging screening to combat this disease. Knowledge remains key in the fight against cervical cancer. We hosted an insightful webinar discussing the Importance of Educating About Cervical Cancer, aiming to reduce cervical cancer-related deaths through understanding, screening, treatment, and prevention strategies. Our esteemed panel included doctors from Marie Stopes Hospital & CCBRT. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this important discussion. Stay tuned for future events! #CervicalCancerAwareness #HealthEducation #PreventionMatters.


The Building Rights for Improved Girls’ Health in Tanzania (BRIGHT)

project focuses on empowering adolescents, particularly girls, in Tabora region to exercise their Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and nutrition rights. Implemented by Nutrition International, EngenderHealth, Young and Alive Initiative, and sectoral ministries, the project aims to reach over 470,000 adolescents through a feminist, rights-based approach.

Significant milestones were achieved, including training sessions for community health workers, key intermediaries, and health providers on SRH, nutrition, and gender-based violence. Routine data quality assessments ensured accurate project data, while community-based initiatives like community score cards and site walk-throughs promoted accountability and engagement.

The Kijana na Afya Bora project, implemented in partnership with Young and Alive Initiative and Tunaweza Organization, aims to build a youth-led accountability framework in reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, adolescent health, and nutrition (RMNCAH + N) services and information in Tanzania. Funded by Population Action International (PAI), the project focuses on leveraging the Global Financing Facility (GFF) for RMNCAH + N in Tanzania.

Kijana na Afya Bora project has made significant strides in building youth-led accountability frameworks in RMNCAH + N services in Tanzania. The commitment and determination of participants bode well for the continued success of the project.

Project Highlights:

  • Leadership Workshops: Virtual sessions equipped participants with essential skills for implementing youth-focused healthcare programs.

  • SCORE-CARD Training: Participants learned to use the SCORE-CARD tool for health facility assessments, identifying areas for improvement.

  • Social Accountability: Young people gained insights into holding healthcare facilities accountable and advocating for youth-friendly service.

  • Leadership Skills: Participants developed effective communication and decision-making abilities, fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

Here is our pdf version of the Q1 Newsletter

Newsletter 2024
Download PDF • 10.65MB

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